Friday, 16 July 2010

Extra time in Lincoln

Having been to Lincoln to The Collection, we found that we had time to wander.  Lincoln is a splendid city with an amazing and visible heritage.  We went to the Brayford Pool for coffee and then up Steep Hill to check out some well known shops.
Gareth Jones runs a small fossil and gem shop called Lapid Art.  This type of shop is like a magnet to me and I have purchased fossils from here in the past.  My specific collections are so well established that I seldom find anything I want these days, but the joy of seeing such fine fossils is not to be missed.
If you are ever in Lincoln, a visit to this shop must be part of any itinerary, not just for the fine fossils, but also for the gems and jewellery, much of which is hand made.

Just a little way across the street is The Pot Shop.  You need to persist to find it as it is well hidden behind the main hill at Christ's Hospital Terrace.  Andrew MacDonald is an exceptionally fine potter specialising in ancient pottery designs and styles.  We have a couple of his pieces from years ago, so it was a special treat to visit his workshop and purchase a few bits.  Rosie had a jug to complement an earlier purchase and I had a pot similar in form to typical bronze age material to add to my stone age collection.
 I am considering going back onto the talk circuit, something I can now do again since I retired from teaching, so I am reorganising my stone tools and re-sorting my slides and presentation material.
The pot is a pleasing replica with an authentic soft fired finish that is virtually impossible to achieve in a modern electric kiln.
For anyone who is keen to seek out the unusual and interesting places, this pottery is a rare and wonderful treat.  Some of the ancient replicas are quite inexpensive and there is also a good range of slip ware and more recent historical designs available as well as the chance to commission specific work for collections or displays.  You may have seen some of Andrews work in museum displays around the UK.
Part 1 Video link, Luttrell Psalter
Part 2
Jugs in use

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Diane said...

Hi Paul - this all looks really fascinating - I love Lincoln.