Monday, 30 August 2010

Pintail is back

During the last week we have seen foxes active in daylight.  One rather bushy tailed individual came onto the patio and across to next doors garden, then returned to our lawn.  It was not in a hurry to leave when I went into the garden.  The foxes are no problem, doing no damage and leaving hardly a trace of their presence.  They often only drink from the pond then move on.  Most of the time, our garden is just a place to go through to obtain the food that is left out for them next door.
This morning, pintail arrived on the patio, walked past our cat Max and up to the pond for a drink.  Max followed to get a good view of the fox.  Then pintail settled down by the raised beds and started to have a good lick down, concentrating on his feet and tail.  At this point Max lost interest and returned to the patio to sniff the heathers.  It is quite some time since pintail was seen,  there are actually two pintail foxes - one being a dog fox and the other a vixen, and both look very healthy.  They each have a very thin fury red tail with a white tip.
Ok - the fox is settled by the raised beds, out comes the camera.
Human alert - the fox has a quick look, then like a ghost in the night it is gone.
I did manage to get a quick shot, but not the ideal picture that I had imagined.  It is amazing how this fox could nip out of the holly hedge surrounding our garden without disturbing the blue tits flitting around the in branches.

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