Sunday, 10 October 2010

Strolling in the Manifold Valley

Autumn is upon us and this is noticeable in the woodlands and parks as trees are busy shedding their leaves and fungal fruiting bodies abound.  With a slight chill in the air, we set out to walk in  the Manifold Valley.  We parked up at Wetton Mill for a bun and a coffee before strolling to the base of Thors cave and beyond.
On the Riverside we saw lots of Mallard.  These birds tend to hang about around the cafe at Wetton Mill to pick up any crumbs that they are offered.  Today they were sticking to the river and its banks as the local cats were around.  Mallards have an unmistakable call that sounds as if they are laughing at something.

Having just had a bump on my car, someone hit my rear end,  I now have a hire car whilst mine is being repaired.  It is a Vauxhall Astra STi and it has a bit more clout than my old style Agila. It has some interesting features such as a steering column and console that you can bang your knees on, a narrow sun visor that hits you on the head when you try to use it, big sloping door posts that obstructs your view at junctions and an air conditioning unit that only works when the fan is on. And of course, the small sporty steering wheel that obscures parts of the instrument panel.  Definitely a car designed for 'posers' rather than drivers.
On the way home we stopped at Froghall Station for lunch.  The diesel rail car was in the station and about to leave.  No steam trains today due to a technical fault. Still, it was a cracking lunch.

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