Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Having walked around the countryside in the past few days I am posting a few of the birds I have seen on my travels.

This dipper was hunting for food in the waters of Lathkill Dale in Derbyshire.  Dippers can be seen in any reasonably flowing stream in this area as long as there are exposed stones in the water flow where they can stand.  I love to see them bobbing up and down as they attempt to see what is below the waters surface.
At the Wollesley Gardens Staffordshire conservation area we came across this cheerfully chirruping Robin.  Robins are probably the only local birds that sing all year.
There are lots of Robins about.  We called them "Robin Red Breasts" as children. This little fellow was snapped on the pathway at Longton Park, Staffordshire.  Not the usual angle from which to see a robin.
At the Consal Forge visitors centre there are a lot of bird feeders.  For some years now, there has been a pheasant that seems to live under the feeders, feeding on the fallen grain.  He is an old bird and his habit of remaining on protected parkland has surely preserved him from becoming a target for the local shoots.  The long tail feathers are occasionally seen adorning hats and I have used them to fletch arrows in the past.
Rails are also common in local rivers and lakes.  This is a Coot (white Bill and forehead patch)  There are also a lot of Moorhens (Red Bill).  This Coot was resting at the side of the lake in Longton Park.
Rock Doves are also very common in built up areas of the City.  They are often called pigeons, but when they are seen at by the side of a Wood Pigeon they are clearly much smaller birds.


Jean said...

Lovely photos Paul.I saw a dipper when we walked along the canal last week. Chris told me that it was a dipper.

Diane said...

We saw one of those duppers near Calver Yesterday and I remembered seeing them at Lathkill. Great photos Paul.