Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A morning in the Garden

As the weather has improved this week we decided to go shopping to find heathers to replace the dead plants that we took out last week.  We found lots of heathers at one of the local garden centres at a discount price of 50p per plant (was £2.99).  24 plants secured in two visits, it was time to clear the bed and plant them.

Our neighbour had previously seen a fox with a limp.  As it happened, this fox was about today and I managed to take a picture as it retreated away from the activity.  It was quite nippy for a lame fox.

Back to the gardening and I decided to strip the lower branches from  the overgrown conifer at the side of then steps.  Originally we were going to take this plant out as it was obstructing the path, but it is such a healthy conifer that a trim was the easy option.
Most of the heathers are now planted and they should grow over the next year or so to form a good ground cover.  Some of the older heathers may also be replaced or trimmed before the job is finished.  Working in the garden is always a satisfying task.

The next job will be to remove a dead Kilmarnock Willow from the other side of the garden.  I have a wish to build a new pond where the tree is situated, next to the existing pond.  That would allow me to transfer the newts and frogs and make it possible to drain and repair the old pond. (maybe!.....;-)


Diane said...

Its starting to look colourful and very tidy.

Jean Reid said...

Hello Paul, I can see that you have been busy. Are your neighbours still feeding he fox?

Paul Pursglove said...

The foxes are fed daily just after dusk. Some of the occasional visitors are regulars and often with younger animals, two or three at a time. They cross our garden to visit our neighbours most nights. Lately we have seen pintail, mum and son and limpie. The big dog fox has not been seen for a few months.