Monday, 7 March 2011

Chopper by the lake

Whilst walking around the lakes at Trentham this afternoon we came across this Greylag Goose doing the Goose step across a bed of daffodils.  It was followed at a distance by another goose adopting the same stance.  Today was a good day for a walk.  The cold and damp weather was replaced by cold and dry with a warming burst of sunlight and a clear blue sky.

There was a missing person hunt in progress.  Police and community police were present at the entrances and walking the grounds.  The drone of  the police helicopter was pervasive as it hovered along the lakeside and by the woodland.

After a while, the helicopter moved off to hover over the car park and a group of people carrying hand radios started to hurry off in that direction.  The snatched fragments of conversation lead us to believe that the missing person needed support rather than being a criminal.  I hope the chase ended well.

It was good to see the daffodils in flower - they are the first outdoor wild types that I have noticed this year.  I was delighted to see a honey bee on one of the blooms.  Spring is fast developing in Stoke.


Louise said...

Hello Paul, I just came over here to say thanks for showing me the fascinating fossils yesterday! You had disappeared when I left so I didn't have chance yesterday.

The daffodils around Leek have finally started to flower now!


Paul Pursglove said...

Good to see you Louise, Hope the post is what you hope for. It was good to take a break between work.