Saturday, 21 May 2011

Watching the birds

 Our bird feeders are often used by the local sparrows who live in our garden hedges.  This year there are also some juvenile collared doves using the facility.  They can be seen waiting atop the greenhouse for the food to go out in the morning.  Other regular visitors include starling, magpie, pigeon, dunnock and the occasional green finch.
 The sparrows have had lots of young again this year and they usually sit in the hedge or in the nearby trees to be fed by their parents.
The most satisfying event this year is that the goldfinch, who have been around for years, have just discovered the feeding station.  They have started feeding on the niger seed that has been put out for some years, but seldom used.  I have seen them at the feeder on a couple of occasions, always in pairs.
These 3 little ducklings were cruising the Avon at Stratford this week.  The chicks are very advanced this year after the warm and dry spring.

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