Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What Drought?

The garden has been very dry for the last two months.  2 of my 3 big water butts have been emptied over the last month to water the garden, and the rainfall has been so low that they have not filled up completely.  I have been topping up the pond every 2 days with a hose and tap water to protect the newts, frogs and their young.
 The water level at Tittesworth reservoir, near Leek, Staffordshire, is very low and this is exceptional in Spring time.  Still, the authorities say we are not in a drought situation, despite having experienced the driest April on record.  May has seen some rain, but not nearly enough to make a difference.
Today, the wind is very high and we have experienced gusts of 60+ mph.  The north of Scotland has experience hurricane force gusts of wind.  It is now raining heavily from Manchester to the north of Scotland.  Not so at Stoke, where the lawn is drying out yet again.

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