Wednesday, 3 August 2011


 This year there seems to be an abundance of earwigs (Forficula auricularia).  These insects are active at night and hide under things by day.  They feed on small insects and plants and tend to live in small family groups which can be a few dozen individuals at this time of year.
 The earwigs seem to be mainly sub-adults with pale colour.  Many are still moulting prior to attaining adult size.  The Dermaptera, to which earwigs belong, is one of the smallest families of insects.  These creatures are unusual in so far as they can be observed tending to their young.  This is not something that insects normally do.
 The ones in our garden seem to be happy hiding under plant pots for the most part.  They are also invading the greenhouse and some have been found in the kitchen.  Wherever I look in the garden, I can eventually find an earwig.
In the warm weather, Max had found refuge in the flower beds. He is good at disappearing for ages.

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