Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fallow Deer

 Tatton Park is a good day out and we had travelled there to see the Mansion and the Tudor Barn.  However, with the Tudor Barn unexpectedly closed, we decided to photograph deer instead.  There is an extensive heard of Fallow Deer on the park and the stags are in full antler at this time of year.  They always look impressive.  The two stags above are mature animals resting on the grassland close to the drive.  I have seen these animals sitting outside the house with visitors walking close by.
 Further away, outside the normal gaze of the public are the younger stags.  We found these animals grazing over the hill, out of site from the park pathways.  With a good lens on the camera it is possible to take unobtrusive photographs from a distance.
These deer are more like the textbook fallow deer, unlike our local herd at Trentham, where the animals are very dark and lack the spotted coats.
A large group of hinds were observed across the park, but this late in the day I could not face the challange of finding a good vantage point from which to photograph them more closely.  Perhaps another day!
The deer at Trentham are Fallow Deer, but they have a very dark colour, as seen here.

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