Friday, 2 September 2011

Autumn comes early

 The Cheddleton Railway was running two engines yesterday. 5199 and their B2 diesel. The only place on the line that you can see both trains at once is at Consal Forge, where they pull into the station at about the same time.
 For a week day, the trains seemed quite busy.  There were certainly a lot of people on both sides of the service as engineers were out checking the track and tradesmen were painting the railings and gates along the station periphery.
 As we walked through the woods, it was clear that the fungi, which we expect to see from Mid September to late October were out.  Autumn seems to be a couple of weeks early this year after the mild spring and summer.
 Stags horn fungus was abundant in some areas.
 The stink horns were fully developed and attracting lots of flies with their acrid smell.
And many of the timber fungi had fruiting bodies in abundance on the rotting logs and stumps around the forest.

The forest floor is starting to develop a blanket of dead leaves already.  My garden is devoid of vegetables, with just a few courgettes and pumpkins to be harvested.  I hope the fine weather lasts a little longer.

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