Monday, 26 September 2011

Lightning F6 - XS936

 Whilst traveling in Cornwall, I came across this BAC Lightning on display at Castle Air / Castle Motors, off the A38 near Liskeard.  It was a late production F6 airframe with the engines removed.  This was the type of aircraft that I saw when I was at RAF Binbrook in the 1970's, so I had a look back through my photos to see if this was one of those machines.
It turned out that the aircraft was with 23 squadron in 1974, at RAF Gutersloh, Germany.  I saw it when I was at RAF Wildenrath at an Air Cadet camp.
This aircraft then moved to 11 squadron at Binbrook and was later transferred to 5 squadron, also at Binbrook.  It was then moved back to Germany as a 5 squadron aircraft, eventually being returned to the Lightning Training Flight as a single seat support aircraft.
This aircraft was not camouflaged and became known as the "silver lightning".  When it was with the LTF, the nose markings were removed.  This aircraft has been seen at many air displays. On decommission it was sold to Roy Flood at Castle Air in Cornwall and was standing on the ground there in 1998.  The aircraft has since been mounted in the car park in full view of the road.

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