Sunday, 9 October 2011

Extending the Patio

My aim for the garden this autumn was to rebuild the greenhouse.  I estimated that this work would take 4 weeks to complete.  However, I now have a job for 8 weeks, so I have revised my project list.
The heather bed at the end of the patio has been a problem for years.  It has been difficult to keep tidy and inaccessible in the middle.  The access path to the side of the sun room was very tight and difficult, so a modification was in order.
Having removed the low brick wall, I ended up with a pile of dressed bricks and 36 bags of subsoil (basically dry clay). The loss of a conifer and a few poor quality heathers was not an issue.
With the new wall now built and the drain from the water butts enclosed behind it, all I need now are 12 2x2' slabs (600x600mm) to finish the job off.  That job will have to wait until next weekend, after I have done my first week at work this season.

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Diane said...

Your garden looks huge Paul. Hope you are both keeping well.