Sunday, 13 November 2011


On a trip to Buxton yesterday, we spent some time in the Museum.  This museum  has a very fine display including a time tunnel through the geology and history of the area.  It is one of those museum that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.....
I came away with a piece of amber containing a fine cockroach.  There were several other insects and plant remains in the amber resin which were intreguing.  There was an ant, a small seed and a couple of other bugs.
This little insect in the edge of the block is interesting, I have no idea what it is.
It looks like and ant with a very broad abdomen.  The resolution of the image from a digital camera is not good through the resin.  I need to get my microscope out and have a closer look at this little beasty.  That adventure is for another day.
The real treat was the purchase of two specimens of agnostid trilobites, Peronopsis interstrictus, from the museum shop.  For this species, they are monsters at over 7mm long.

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