Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fossil A Day

For many years I have collected an assortment of fossil specimens, many of which I have used for teaching purposes.  This collection is now sitting idle since I retired from teaching, so I thought I would review its contents, mainly for my amusement.

I have started a new blog "A Fossil A Day" to amble through this collection in a random fashion.  The idea is to show one specimen as a photograph, and follow it with a brief comment, I propose to do this for a year at this stage, or until I run out of fossils.

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Diane said...

These are fab Paul - we are big fossil hunters in this house. My boy has a box of rocks and fossils that we have found whilst out and about and is currently studying geology so we often get the box out for a look! When I was little, my dad was a coal miner and I was the chief contributor to the schools nature table with the fabulous fossils he found burried deeply. x