Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Going home disappointed

 Redferns Cottages Museum of Uttoxerter Life is situated on Carter Street in the Town of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.  I would like to present the museum favourably in this blog, but when we arrived to visit on Tuesday 14th Feb at 1.20pm during the advertised half term events, the museum was closed and in darkness. We had been intending to visit for some time, but on this occasion were unable to gain access.  Perhaps next time we shall ring on 01889 567 176 to see if they are open as advertised. 

Post Script
The museum responded rapidly to my E-mail and I was informed that as they are run exclusively by volunteers, they are very reliant on individuals to open the museum on time.  This is an instance when this did not happen, but I am assured that this is unusual.  We look forward to returning some time in the near future.


LauraWB said...

Thanks Paul for blogging in such a moderate and balanced way about this hiccup in our operations. Perhaps you would be interested to know we are holding an event for Nation Science and Engineering week (9th-18th March) called 'Molecular Spectacular' 17th March, where we will be showing families how to build molecular models and then demonstrating how these molecules behave in real life including a bread-making demonstration. As I see you are a keen bread maker we would love to get your tips on the best kneeding techniques etc!

Pterosaur said...

The best general way to kneed bread is on a large flat surface or board, folding the dough and then pushing it away to streach it, until you feel rersistance in the dough. For demonstrations in a confined space I would use large earthenware bowls and kneed in them to contain the dough. Sounds like a good time to visit.