Thursday, 29 March 2012

During the heatwave

We have had two days where the inside temperature has been cooler that the outside temperature.  Very unusual for March.  Lovely day for a walk by Trentham Lake.
I took a timed sequence of shots of a Heron flying by.  These have been overlayed in Photoshop to show a full wing beat sequence.  I was quite pleases with the outcome of this image.
The squirrels were very active, these two were eating freshly emerging buds from the trees.
The daffodils are out in abundance.  Yellow masses of flowers can be seen all over and around the Italian Gardens.

Oh joy! the hottest day of the month and I am laying concrete in a greenhouse.  The beds are being replaced with benches and gravel trays this season.  Hopefully, this will eliminate any soil pests and allow me to produce better crops.

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Pia said...

Fantastic pictures! I espesiali love number one and two (and the rest ;))