Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Not locked out!

Yesterday we had a stroll around the Trentham Lake where we spotted this nuthatch on the fence near the Cafe. 
In the evening we were locking up and the conservatory and the door lock jammed open.  This was annoying, especially since we are due to have a new conservatory installed in a few weeks time.

Today has been an adventure, dodging the rain storms and trying to find a replacement lock that will fit the existing door fittings.  After lunch, we now have a lock that works.  Such items are not as cheap as they used to be.......

Having take the old lock apart, one of the springs has become strained and broken.  This meant that one of the levers that releases the lock would not move.  It was no longer a viable lock.  Oh Hum!  It was a good thing that it jammed open and not locked.

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