Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Avoncroft Museum

 The Avoncroft Museum at Stoke Heath near Bromsgrove has a collection of rescued old buildings, re-sited in a countryside setting. One structure which I was particularly interested in is the Danzel Green Windmill from Warwickshire.
 This is a rare old post mill which has been extensively restored to a condition where it will be able to mill flour later this year.  The main post is dated to a time before the mill was first built, which indicates that the original builders were using recycled timber parts.
Quite a lot of the gear inside is original.  The wooden cog gears and the french burstones are all able to work.  There are no metal on metal components in  these mills to reduce the risk of sparks on volatile flour dust.

The Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is an excellent visit and the historic buildings now exceed 25 in number.  There is also a model railway society and an excellent cafe.


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