Saturday, 25 August 2012

Garden Birds

Today the forcast was for rain and showers, so we were surprised when the morning was sunny and dry.  A good day to have lunch in the garden and watch the local birds.
Starlings are a regular visitor to our feeders.  The one on the left is an adult and the one on the right is a juvenile from this years brood.
The collared doves are also doing well and have been resident in the area for years.
Coal tits are a frequent visitor and they are doing well this year.  Like all of the tits, they are fast and restless and difficult to photograph away from the feeders.
The Blue tits are another success story in our garden.  They have had lots of young ones this year and most have survived, despite the regular visits from a Sparrow hawk.
The one bird I would like to take a good close up of is the long tailed tit.  They are very wary and difficult to pin down.  I can waste 100 shots and only get one reasonable picture.  This is todays best effort.

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