Monday, 3 September 2012

Garden Produce?

This year has been an awful one for garden produce (Except strawberries). I lifted the last of the potato crop this week. Where I would normally fill 3 bins, I was only able to fill half a bin. The heavy rain and low levels of sunlight have had a serious impact on this crop. Many of the potatoes were less than 1cm across and would not keep, so I washed the small ones and cooked and mashed them. By adding a little milk and bicarbonate of soda, I used my griddle to make potato farles.
On their own, these farles are not so inspiring.  However, they are essentially mashed potato bread, so a meal can be created by baking broccoli cheese and dropping it onto the buttered farles.
This works well if you like the texture of broccoli on toast!
Sitting out in the belated seasonal sunshine, I took this picture of sparrows on our feeder today.
 Having worked out how to set my camera to aperture priority, I can control the shutter speed sufficiently to capture the birds wing beats.

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