Friday, 7 September 2012

Red Deer

 We visited friends in Nottingham today.  At the last minute, Wollaton Hall was suggested and a walk around the lake.  It was interesting to see the Red Deer hinds close up on the edge of the Golf Course.
 Wollaton has two species of deer forming the local herds.  These are the Red Deer hinds and youngsters.  The stags will be somewhere nearby.  The other herd is one of Fallow Deer, which I was not able to photograph today.
 This young buck was one of two males in the group.  They are not of breeding age and are tolerated to be with the females at this time of year.  There were quite a few young from this years fawns.
The hinds are fine looking animals in their fine summer coats.  The fir thickens in the autumn and winter, being moulted in the early spring.
Today has been an excellent day out.

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