Friday, 14 September 2012

Welsh Birds

We have just spent a few days in Central and North Wales looking at historical sites, windmills and walking along beaches. We came across quite a few birds on the way - here is a flavour of our sightings.
Red Kites are easily seen in Central Wales, especially around Rayader at about 3pm (2pm in the winter).
These birds are fed every day at the Gigrin Farm feeding station. They have a small car park and several hides from  which to observe the birds, or you could walk around the countryside and hope to see some Kites.  We also saw Kites near Machynlleth.
This Kestrel was hunting on the cliff tops at Aberdaron, at the end of the Llynn Peninsular.
Kestrels are quite common now and this one was not having much luck catching its prey.
Oyster-catchers are seen along the coast in most parts of Wales.  At this time of year they are feeding at low tide on the seas edge.
These very distinctive birds cannot be mistaken, with their black and white plumage and the long orange bill.  They are looking for small clams and mussels as well as rag worms and other animals that burrow in the sand.
I am used to seeing Canada Geese around inland lakes, but these few were flying out to sea, keeping low over the breakers and making a lot of noise.

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