Saturday, 13 October 2012

Birds in View

This year has been problematical for many plants.  Last weekend, Rosie and I went to Keddlestone to photograph autumnal things.  We walked over a mile in oak woods before we found an acorn.
As a result of the unusual shortage of acorns, we have seen a Jay in our garden for the first time that I can remember.  They are hungry and they are coming to garden bird feeders to find food.
Whilst walking at the RSPB site at Middleton Wetlands, we were overflown by a flight of swans.
We also saw many birds, including these cormorants on the top of a dead tree by the waterside.
This dragonfly was one of many that skimmed over the water, hunting for food.  I have captured its shadow on the water surface. Dragonflies seem to have done well this year.
Just as we were finishing our walk, I noticed a roach feeding in the mud at the riverside.  It was probably picking invertebrates out of the mud.

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