Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tomatoes at last

A couple of weeks ago I collected the green tomatoes from my plants which were dying back.  They were placed in trays with bananas to ripen in the warmth of the house.  I am satisfied now that all but two of the tomatoes have ripened.
Now we can enjoy the taste of home grown fruits, albeit a bit later than in previous years.
The first challenge was to prepare tomatoes on toast for lunch.  I love this experience when the tomatoes are skinned and sliced, using different varieties, and cooked in a pan with a little olive oil and pepper.
Of course, this only works well if the tomatoes are placed on a thick slab of toast, using home made bread.  In this case the bread was made using wholegrain emmer flour and strong white flour, with a little honey and olive oil added to the dough mix. Yumm.......!  Just needs half a glass of fresh apple juice and half lemonade mixer to finish off the pleasure.

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