Friday, 28 December 2012

Post Christmas Walk

 Last night, Chloe showed some interest in the television.  She usually ignores it, but has been known to watch Springwatch, for the birds.  This time she took a shine to Wallace and Gromit "A Grand Day Out".
 This morning, without a car, we venture out to visit Trentham Lakes by bus.  There is no direct route, but if we walk down to Longton and catch the bus to Newcastle via Trentham, it drops us off a couple of hundred yards from the junction into the gardens.
 Perseus is back from his wanderings and was cleaned up for the exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.  The bronze has not been this clean in my memory.
On our walk we were able to photograph quite a few fungi.  This one is Turkey Tails, Trametes versicolor, which is quite prolific on the dead wood throughout the gardens.
On one tree we found these Oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus osteatus. They are an edible species and considered very good, but without a bag and with a long walk and bus ride home, I was reluctant to harvest them.
This is a species that I have not seen for many years.  It is Hirneola auriculus, also known as the Jews Ear.  It is an edible species, but not widely considered good.

The adventure of walking and bus riding was a very easy way of travelling.  It was the only way of travelling when I was a child and young adult.  I was relieved to not need to find a parking space in a busy car park today.

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