Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Here comes the grit

Today, I photographed a gritting truck progressing around the crescent.  Neighbours were aghast and one said that this was the first time the road had been gritted here in more than 25 years.
I should mention that the local roads have not been gritted for 4 days and were quite treacherous. Motorists and bus companies had complained, but the real crunch was when the ambulance service made a complaint to the council.  They were having to use volunteers with 4x4 vehicles to get emergency crews around city streets.
Today, as the snow is melting, the crews are out gritting all road.  This has to be good, but our grey bins have not been emptied and are 2 days overdue.  Perhaps tomorrow?

I am trying out my new camera.  I was fortunate to obtain a second hand Nikon D3200, the latest model with a larger sensor than my Nikon D5000, and the latest on board software.  This camera will not jump through as many hoops as my old one, but the images are bigger, 7.82Mb as opposed to 5.32Mb on file.  That is a pleasing 24.5 mega pixels in JPEG format.  It will improve the images from my telephoto lenses, but these blog images have been reduced to 0.7Mb to download to the web.  The new camera was effectively £150 less than the cheapest market price for a new camera and it had only taken 480 pictures.  I logged it on to the Nikon register to get the 2 year warranty, as it had not previously been registered.

Today has been a good day.

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