Monday, 7 January 2013

Running Again

 Today we went for a drive in the old Agila.  It has been restored to road worthiness by fitting a second hand rear axle and road wheel obtained from a scrap car in the next town.  The car drives as it always did, but after the damage it sustained, I am reluctant to drive it too far from the City.  It is now safely garaged at home.
 This heron was photographed by Trentam Lake using my manual 600mm mirror lens.  It is a joy to be able to wander out again at will to walk in the countryside.
 Another bird photographed in passing was this Great Tit by the lakeside cafe.
And finally, to round off the flying images, the local police helicopter gave a fine display of hovering skills over the Longton estates.  I suspect the helicopter crew were on traffic watch as they were not accompanied by any squad cars on the ground.


Ben Finnerty said...

Nice to see the Agila up and running again! Hope you had a great Christmas

Pterosaur said...

Seasons greetings Ben. It is difficult to look for new cars when you do not have transport. The repair cost as much as the last hire car, so it was a good interim move.