Friday, 1 February 2013

In Black and White

Black and white photography always needed a black and white negative film in the good old days of roll film cameras.  With digital cameras, the colour management can be set on the camera, or adjusted on a computer as required.  Finishing is a much easier process with digital information.
Here is an image of a great tit taken at Brierlow Bar Bookshop car park.  It is a colour image with the colour coding removed digitally to render it in Black and White.  It is just one click of the computer mouse in Photoshop.
This photograph of the enclosed bottle ovens in Longton was adjusted in colour to reset the brightness and contrast of the image, converted to Black and White and readjusted and cropped to give a final picture.
The bottle ovens at the back of Longton railway station were taken with the camera set to Black and White.  This is just a digital snapshot.
Here, at the back of the Gladstone Pottery Museum, the image has been remastered from a colour photograph and cropped and re sized with minimal adjustment.
Yesterday, as the snow was almost gone, I did find a small mound of the white stuff outside Buxton Pavilion.
I should do more Black and White photography.  There are images that will always look more presentable without the complications of colour.

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