Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow birds

Winter is back with a vengeance, but we are still feeding the garden birds.  More so than usual in this weather.  I am trying to get some good pictures through the double glazing of the conservatory - It's warm in here, OK!
There are two robins in the garden at present.  They seem to be a pair as they are not at all aggressive towards each other.  One has a paler breast that the other.
There are about 30 goldfinches around the area, but we seldom see more than 8 at a time.  They will eat niger seeds, but they prefer sunflower hearts.  They crunch them and drop bits of seed which fall to the ground.  This is appreciated by the blackbirds and wood pigeons.
Chaffinches are new to the garden this winter.  We have probably not seen any for 15 years, but in the severe weather we have 6 regular visitors and probably a few more besides.  They are inept at using the feeders and try to take food on the wing.  Some have learnt to perch for a couple of bites.
Pleasing to see greenfinches back in the garden this year, after a long absence.  These birds cope very well with winter and are not deterred by snowbound feeders.  They just clear the snow and feed.
With so many birds around the feeders, there is occasionally a bit of friction, but on the whole, the bird population is quite well behaved.
Hot chocolate and a wagon wheel biscuit next.......Its a hard life!

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