Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Turn around the local lake

The temperature today was above freezing, so out came the cameras and we went for a turn around Trentham Lake.
The grey heron were out in force, flying the length of the lake and standing sentry at the lake side.
I cannot recall seeing so many great crested grebes on the lake.  This one was amongst several sheltering in the reeds to keep out of the wind.  Others were swimming in pairs on the water, but with their heads tucked close to their bodies.
The pied wagtails were around on  the lake side, looking for insects and small invertebrates.
Another bird that was present in larger than usual numbers was the robin. I am sure that the increase in bird numbers is down to the feeders that are available on the lakeside, and the poor quality of food in a frozen environment.
We have seen a lot of new birds in the garden this winter. Here is a chaffinch feeding alongside a goldfinch.  This is the first year that I recall seeing regular chaffinches in the garden.  We also see a pair of siskin regularly and we are visited by bullfinch.  All of these birds are unusual in this city garden.

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