Saturday, 16 March 2013

Visiting Marcia

Last year when we bent our old Vauxhall Agila, we should have been visiting our friend Marcia in Spalding, but we were forced to cancel. Yesterday, we finally made that journey, but this time to Moulton where Marcia is now living.
On the way over, we stopped off at Springfields in Spalding to do a little shopping.  Whilst there, I found this big chap outside the children's play barn.  He is a life size Triceratops, just like the smaller toy dinosaur I carry in my car to hold down the paper maps on the dashboard.
Marcia's new home is behind the High Street in Moulton.  She has a view of the church and the windmill from her room.  It is an idyllic village location in the Lincolnshire Fens and boasts the tallest windmill in the United Kingdom.
At the end of the drive, past the windmill, is The Swan.  This is a popular village pub serving food on every day of the week.  We decamped to dine here and we were to discover that it was the third meal that Marcia had eaten here this week.  The food was first class.

Whilst visiting Marcia, I had a visit myself from the windmill manager, Ray.  He had dropped in to give me a leaflet for the Friends of Moulton Mill, and to inform me that they are soon to start milling flour by wind power.  The mill details are now on my bread site.  Every visit to Marcia is an adventure of a different kind.

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