Monday, 15 April 2013

At last - a Wren

A few days ago, I witnessed a wren checking out a nest box on the side of the house, near to the conservatory windows. I had always hoped to photograph wrens, but they are usually too fast and secretive to see for any length of time.  The wrens are now using the nest box and we see them zooming across the lawn at frequent intervals.
This out of focus snap is my best previous effort to date.  I took some time today to sit in the conservatory with a camera to see what I could capture.
Success - The wren came close enough and paused long enough to get a few images.  Fortunately my camera of choice is very fast, so taking a few pictures turned out to be easier than I had anticipated.
The wrens have lined the nest box with moss and soft vegitation, closing up the sparrow sized hole with curled up moss to make it wren sized.  They are very small and very fast little birds.  We hope to see youngsters in a few months.
All of this time, a collared dove was sat on the fence, looking down on the proceedings.  The strong wind that we have had all day is seen ruffling the doves feathers.

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Rustic Vintage Country said...

Oh wow, you were so lucky to get such good photos of the wren.