Friday, 12 April 2013

Interesting Bird Pictures

For some time we have seen two robins in the garden who do not challenge each other.  I assumed that they were a pair, but there was no evidence for this assumption.
Today I was able to photograph the two robins by the feeders.  One was feeding bread crumbs to the other.  This is a sure sign that these two adult robins are male and female.  They must be fairly resident as they feed every day in the garden.  I would hope to see juvenile robins this year.
Whilst walking in the woods I saw a tree creeper.  These birds are usually seen, then gone in a blink of the eye, but this one was putting on a display.  I was able to take dozens of pictures.
The bird is searching for invertebrates in the crevices of the tree bark.  It will walk swiftly across the branches, probing and tapping the bark to find small insects and grubs to eat.  This small bird has unusually large feet and strong claws.  Its tail is always pressed onto the tree bark when it is hunting.

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