Friday, 19 April 2013

Nesting Grebe

I know I keep telling people that I will blog something other than birds next time, But I could not resist this picture of a nesting Great Creasted Grebe at the Mill Lake, Sutton Lawn.  It is the first time I have seen a Grebe on a nest, almost missed it!
Meanwhile, the rescued tadpoles are big and today is the day when they are fit to go back into the pond.  The second spawning has just hatched and the weather is calm and warmer than in past days.  The big tadpoles have just started to grow legs, so they should be hopping around in a couple of weeks.
From thick snow to drought conditions in two weeks, I have had to top up the pond and clean out the leaves and debris that has been blown into it by high winds.
The lawn has had its first cut, mainly to clear up the leaves and broken twigs strewn across the grass.  The garden always looks better when the grass is neat and tidy.
The potatoes have been planted, the greenhouse is stocked and I have cleared rough shrubbery from the top lawn and planted a rhododendron to fill the space.  It feels like spring today.

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