Friday, 28 June 2013

A Stack of Birds

 South Stack is an RSPB site on the tip of Anglesey (Ynis Mon).  It is the site of a lighthouse, but is also around the breeding cliffs of may seabirds.
 The cliffs hold nesting sites for Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins as well as Herring Gulls and Fulmars.  Many of these birds as packed shoulder to shoulder on the cliff ledges.  In the visitors centre and cafe there are facilities for visitors and in the tower there are CCTV images from the nesting ledges.
 This is a Rock Pipit, flitting around on the heathland and singing to inform other Pipits of its location.
 Another interesting bird was this Stonechat, seen around the site of the roundhouse walls.  South stack is an excellent visit for birdwatchers, plant enthusiasts and walkers alike.
After our visit we drove up to Melin Llynnon for an afternoon tea and two bags of flour.  Well - I cannot visit a working mill without thoughts of bread making.....

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Anonymous said...

Just read your post via Feedly (I've recently discovered the joys of RSS) so I thought I'd let you know that your card from us will be waiting at home. It looks as though you had a lovely day. See you soon, Susan.