Monday, 3 June 2013

Chicks abound

Whilst indulging in a leisurely walk by Trentham Gardens Lakeside, we enjoyed the sight of the waterfowl chicks which were around in abundance.  These small Mallard chicks were sticking close to mum on the calm lake water.
The Mandarin ducks were swimming by the lakeside, but we did not see any chicks.  We know they produced a good brood last year, but I noticed signs that a Mink was in the area and wondered if that had done for their ducklings.
Many of the male Mallards are just hanging around on what promises to be the hottest day so far this year.
It is worth a visit to the gardens just to find out about the fairies, and spot them by the lakeside.
There were lots of birds around the woodlands.  We saw this female blackcap, a bird which I have seldom photographed.
I was enchanted by this Canada Goose chick photo, amongst the daisies.  Its parents and siblings are just out of shot.

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