Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Family History

For many years I have been accumulating information about the Pursglove family in the form of a one-name study.  This month I have started putting that information on-line as a database.  It is very much a trial at the moment, but it can be accessed here.
 The first search page required a name to be requested.  This will give a list of all of the individuals on the database who share that name.  The main requirement here is a personal ID number for an individual to use on the next search page.
Here, the ID can be used to find information about the person, their parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children.  If the information is on the database, family lines can be followed for a few generations.

Pitfall 1.  I do not have information about all of the marriages, so many family links are not being made.  More research is required.  I also lack much international information, especially about Australian Pursgloves.

Pitfall 2.  Not all of the information on the database is being shown.  I need to work out how I am going to do this - things like addresses, notes, references and direct access to information on second marriages are not dealt with at present.

An interesting aside.  I have been using both and which each have their own problems.  Ancestry if riddled with transcription errors: the name Pursglove is found as Pursgleve; Pursglave; Tursglove; Pursgleave; Pinsglove; Puryglove; Pursglow; Passilo, ect..  It is quite difficult to search for some individuals.  Find my past is a newer site and not all of the records have been transcribed.  The transcription information appears however, to be more accurate.  Often the only sensible way of finding individuals on-line is to search through the town or village, street by street - just like we had to do at the record offices before the Internet was available.  Happy days.

It will probably be months before the data is how I want it to be.  Any suggestions or help with information is always appreciated.

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