Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Cub

For the price of a light lunch out, I have added a Carbon Industries Cub to my flight simulator.
This type is a tandem high wing monoplane with STOL capability.  It is a slow aeroplane, but a joy to fly on the simulator, as it can easily land on sites as small as a football pitch.
The cabin is small and the instruments are simple.  With flaps down it will fly as slow as 37 knots and on take-off it will climb quickly to 1000 feet by the time it reaches the end of a long runway.  The real aircraft is very lightweight, made of carbon fibre and aluminium.
I have a tendency to land these small aircraft to the left of the runway centre-line on the sim, as you cannot see clearly over the nose on landing.  I put this down to a lack of 3D vision on the computer screen.  This is not a problem on a commercial airport runway, but it can be a bit bumpy "on screen" when landing on a dirt track runway.
I must admit to being turned off by shoot-em-up games on computers, but the flight simulators are more like a real world challenge.  I have recently noticed that there are also steam engine simulators about for the train enthusiasts. (& etc.).

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