Monday, 13 January 2014

Low Winter Sun

 We often seen Buzzards flying in our locality.  Like many birds that are relatively common, they tend to be noticed, but ignored.  This morning we were treated to a thermalling Buzzard at Trentham Lake.
 With the sun low in the sky, the wing colours stand out very distinctly.  I recall in the 1960's, such birds in the UK were unknown.  Now they seem to be seen in all counties.
 By the compost yard in the woods, the Trentham ground crew were burning diseased timber.  The sun behind the woodsmoke was obscured somewhat and shadows of tree branches were cast in the smoke
 The low angle of the sunlight and the shading made for interesting photography.  Nothing sensational, just a few unusual light effects, like the light and shade on this Harts Tongue Fern.
The back lighting also silhouetted the statue of Perseus and Medusa, whilst highlighting the lake and the water spout from a garden fountain.  Winter sunshine is fine, as long as you are not walking in that direction.

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Diane said...

Great photos Paul. I've noticed that Buzzards are getting more common around here lately x