Friday, 30 May 2014

Visit to the Farm

Today I drove my wife Rosie to a blog meeting at Shugborough Hall.  This was a good opportunity for me to visit the farm, mill and kitchen to see what they are up to at present.
 The water mill produces good quality cold milled wholemeal flour for visitors to purchase.  They have two mill wheels which are water powered from a breast-shot water wheel under the mill.
 There is a Kitchener range in the entrance to the farm.  This would have been a typical cooking range in most early Victorian households.  However, on inspection, this one is a recent re-build on an old fire grate.
 The original bread oven is still used on a regular basis.  It was ready to be fired up for bread baking the next day.
In the farm kitchen is an old circa 1700 fireplace with a cast iron griddle over the fire.  This is often used to make drop scones, which are of very good quality. If you ask the cook, you may be allowed to taste a sample.
Another interesting item in the kitchen is the herb rack, used here to keep bread from household pests like mice.  There is an anti-mouse roller on the hanging cord to prevent rodents climbing up to the rack.

Should you wish to visit the farm, the car park is just £3 for all day and the hall and gardens are National Trust property.  The farm is charged separately by the county council and you can get a discount for entrance if you have a car park refund stub.

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