Monday, 23 June 2014

A walk around the moat

Little Moreton Hall is a Tudor mansion to the north of the Potteries.  We occasionally visit to restore the balance of modern society as we are members of the National Trust.
This is a moated Manor House with a bridged entrance.  The moat is always in good condition and it has an abundance of water creatures to interest an old biologist.
It is unlikely that goldfish or koi carp would have graced the moat in Tudor times, but they are doing well today.  On a sunny day they stand out in  the clear water.
Damsel flies can be seen at this time of year, darting across the surface of the water, looking for smaller insects to feed on.  They are fast and seldom give a good image when they are on the move. The height of the insect can be estimated from its shadow being cast on the surface of the water.
This brown Darter is a common Dragonfly in the UK.  Much larger than the damsel flies, they are also impossibly difficult to photograph in flight.

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