Saturday, 6 September 2014

Garden Circle

 At the side of the Greenhouse was an old concrete shed base which was used to stand things on.  At the back of the greenhouse was a vegetable wilderness.  Time to redesign this bit of the garden is long overdue, so last week I lifted the concrete base and started to tidy up this part of the garden.
 Aargh!  A manhole frame in line with the main sewer pipes.  My heart sank!  Thankfully, this was just one of a number of metal objects that the previous owner of the house appears to have disposed of by setting them in concrete.  The soil below the frame was solid natural subsoil.
 After clearing the concrete base and levelling the surrounding soil, a circle of slabs was laid.  This will eventually hold the bird feeder and act as a catch for dropped seeds, etc.
 As the slabs were lower than the edge of the old lawn, the grass level needed to be lowered.  I filled 4 wheel barrows and 3 sacks with excess subsoil from below the grass.
The finished lawn level looks quite good and it is now gently inclined and level enough to mow without problems. Five barrow loads of topsoil were removed from the back of the greenhouse to level the ground ready for a gravel topping.
Now I just need to lay gravel between the slabs and the greenhouse, and install the bird feeders in the middle of the slab circle.
13 Sep - Job done

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