Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Snapping Deer

On a short trip "up North" today, we took a diverting opportunity to photograph deer.
This fallow deer stag was grazing in the park at Dunham Massey.  It is typical of its kind, and very different from the deer at our local park at Trentham, which are all dark brown fallow deer.
This red deer stag was at Tatton Park in the woodland near to the town of Knutsford.  It is a mature stag with 5 antler tines and is at least twice the size of the fallow deer.
Here, two fallow deer stags are locking antlers.  They are both young animals and are only playing.  This behaviour will become serious during the rut, next month.  The deer on the right is very pale compared to the other animals.
Many of the fallow deer are very similar in colour and pattern.
The red deer stags are herding together at present.  Sexes tend to be segregated into herds at this time of year.  During the rut (late September and mainly October), an individual stag will fight to control a group of hinds - and other stags will not be tolerated around his harem.
This stag with 6 antler tines on each antler had a very dominant posture.  He is mature and very muscular.  This is probably the male that the other stags need to avoid very soon.

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