Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I am now a grumpy old man

About a decade or so ago, people started parking cars on pavements.  I now frequently see men, children and mothers with pushchairs, walking down the middle of our street as the pavements are now virtually impassable at times.  What is that about!

Last week I needed a new coat.  It took a lot of work to find one that was made in  the UK.  It appears that almost all of the clothing in the shops is now made in China.  It is not surprising that the UK clothing industry is virtually dead in the water.  Buying British is the only way to restore our ailing economy.  Come back Harold Wilson.....

Having split the sole of my shoe - my favourite shoe - I went out to look for a new pair.  I ended up with a pair made in Turkey.  There were no UK shoes in the shops and the only suppliers of shoes I could find in the made in Europe did not stock my size in the style I wanted.

Still, with the threat of coming out of the EU and the possibility of a free market NHS, it will not be long before we all speak US english with an Australian accent and say "so" at the start of every sentence, and we will not be able to afford the Chinese goods on offer.

 At least I managed to make a decent Pannatone the second time around.  The world still looks OK from our conservatory window.

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Robert said...

I let most pass without comment, but wait until you join the GOFs - the Grumpy Old Farts. Just ten years to go. It's the cyclists on pavements who do my head in. They come up behind you like silent death. Keep grumping. For a youngster you're quite good. Made me and my bottom wiper laugh.