Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Birds in the cold

 Whilst out walking we spotted a Heron hiding behind some teasel heads
 This is a young bird and one of last years brood.  It has been seen here before, so it was not a surprise to see it today.  Herons often seem to have favourite haunts.
 Grey Heron are quite common around Stoke and they can bee seen flying across the City on many occasions.
 This little Nuthatch had flown in from the woodland and is just about to alight on a fence to take advantage of seed placed there by a kind human.  Not the first choice of food for such a bird, but it will keep it alive in the cold of Winter.
The Chaffinches are also keen to find any food at this time of year.  Scraps from the rocks are good in the absence of other favourite foods.
Today the local temperature was -1.5 this morning, rising to zero by mid day - Brrrrr!

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