Monday, 26 January 2015

Using up!

After the Christmas season we had some leftover Pannatone which I popped in the freezer.  This has been taking up space for some time, so I defrosted it to use up.
The lump of sweet and fruity bread was crying out for consumption and Rosie had suggested that I should make a bread and butter pudding.
Having sliced the bread, I buttered it and spread it with marmalade, stacked it in a crock and poured on a custard made of eggs, milk and nutmeg - baked for 20 minutes.
The result was delicious with custard, and also good cold with Ice cream the next day.
On a roll, I had some tinned tuna left over from a sandwich at lunchtime, so I mixed it with mashed potato and added bread crumbs - Tuna fish cakes! I love left overs.......

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