Sunday, 11 January 2015

Winter Waterbirds

 Strolling around Trentham Lake this morning, Rosie and I noticed an Egret.  On observing the bird, it became clear that there was a pair of Egrets on the big island.  I wonder if these birds will become resident at the Heronry on this island.
 Robins are always very visible at this time of year.  They tend to pose for a portrait as you walk past.
The patterns on their red breast vary to some degree and individuals can be identified.
It is not much of a challenge to photograph these little, inquisitive and very territorial birds.
This Grey Heron was hunting in the shallows by the lake sluice.
Many of the more recent trees have been removed from the lakeside in an attempt to restore the garden to its original design.
Ah! bigfoot stalks the lakeside.  This Moorhen is one of a significant population group around the lake.  Moorhen numbers seem stable, unlike the Coots which have an expanding local population.
On our return home, I saw a Firecrest in our garden for the second consecutive day - alas no camera in hand.  The Thrush is still feeding each morning and the Goldfinches are now regular visitors.  Topping up the feeders is becoming a more regular task as the temperature falls.

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