Sunday, 12 April 2015

Crazy complete

So far, the taming of the "middle wilderness" has been going quite well.  Having completed two parts of the crazy paving paths we have access to all parts of this area of the garden.  With a bit of good weather and following hard on the end of a trip to B and Q for some sand and cement (pensioners discount day), the game is on again.
At the back of the garden shed, under the leylandii, are the remains of the concrete shed base that I broke up last year. Many of the lumps of concrete are fit to make the extension to this path, reducing the pile that needs to be disposed of.  Having removed four bagfuls of soil to level the path and hammered some concrete and stone  hardcore into the path base, the paving bits are laid and levelled to be cemented into place.
The resulting path is quite satisfying and relatively inexpensive.  This is my ideal gardening.  I have some pots containing plants that were recovered from this area and other parts of the garden.  When the weather improves again, we shall put the plants in and see if we have any gaps to fill.

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