Monday, 6 April 2015

RAF Newton

When I first started using my flight simulator, it was a nostalgia kick.  I wanted to fly the aeroplanes that I had seen or flown in whilst on RAF stations in the 1970's.  One of my keen interests was to fly a simulated DHC-1 Chipmunk from RAF Newton where I flew as an Air Cadet.
 Having failed to find a simulation model of RAF Newton, it was becoming apparent that if I wanted to have one, I must design one myself.  I started with the runways, hangers and control tower - using Airport Design Editor by Scruffy Duck Software and a Just Flight Chipmunk aircraft on Microsoft FSX.
 I was satisfied with my military building layout, but the first version did look sparse from the air.
 Another day and I had a go at the married quarters, billet accommodation and domestic buildings.  Trees were OK, but my roadways were black on the simulator view.  Another technique is needed here.
 Third day on the job and the airfield is starting to look more like a sanitised version of the real thing.
I must admit that the overall impression of my model airfield as very close to my memories as a young air cadet.  Of course RAF Newton was closed and it is now essentially a housing estate.  Very little evidence remains from the original ground plan of the station.  It had to close as its air space overlapped that of both Nottingham Airport and RAF Syerston.
 The paint scheme of these aircraft changed three times during the 1970's.  Here they are seen in dayglo orange bars in 1973. This scheme superseded the yellow wing and fuselage bands.
 This is me climbing out of the rear cockpit in 1975.  I was much fitter then.

My version 2 is available to use and can be downloaded from;
Pauls FSX Airfield Add-ons

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